Saturday, September 12, 2009

Video Game Review Review

So it turns out it was bad idea to put David Lynch in charge of the Funky Winkerbean video game---

Seriously, this video game is called Mondo Medicals. Since there is no way in Hell that I am actually goning to play this game, I have linked to Madame Luna's playthrough.
This seems to be a game eniriely based on hurting the user as much as possible. The game developer, "Cactus", is Sweedish so there is a chance the grammatical errors in the game are an accident. This is, however, unlikely.
The object of the game is to solve the various puzzels on each level for the reward with having a man with a television for a head shout at you about cancer. Sorory, I mean cancers. What's more is that the game can not actually be won. After completing all the levels, you get to have a battle with TV-head man. This battle consits of him pulling out a gun and shooting you, which leads to a game over. There is aboslutely nothing you can do to stop him in any way shape or form.
Amazingly enough,they made a sequal to this game called Mondo Agents. It is not unwinable like Mondo Medicals. However, while Mondo Medicals has it's own warped story logic, Mondo Agents actually makes no sense at all. I will not post any links to Mondo Agents because the game is actually a health hazard with its flashing red villains. Quite frankly I don't need to be sued for causing a seizure.
Intrigued by all this, I did a bit more research into Cactus's work. Their only game I found information on is called Clean Asia! The premise of that game is that everyone's eyeballs go rougue and try to take over the world. And after that little bombshell, there isn't really much more I can say about that.

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