Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Misplaced Agression

I'm wondering if comic book nerds (heck, nerds of any kind) are actually as bad as people say we are. If no one's heard about the recent Spider-Man storyline, Sprider-Man's old enemy, the Chameleon, disguised himself as Peter Parker. When he did that, he then proceeded to seduce and (allegedly) sleep with Spider-Man's roommate, Michelle Gonzales.
This controversial scene immediately set the internet ablaze . The fan community insisted that this scene constituted rape as Michelle was tricked into believing that she was sleeping with Peter. The writer and editorial disagreed, pointing out that the Chameleon did not force Michelle to sleep with him. I will not comment on who was right because, at the moment, I am not entirely sure on which side I fall.
What does matter is some of the horrible invective I saw from the fan community. They disparaged and made horrible personal attacks on the editorial and editorial. Entirely for writing about a fictional character.
I don't care what you think about Marvel's editorial decision regarding the Spider-Man franchise. I've read forum discussions where fans fans (in particular, some jerk calling himself Box_in_the_Box) saying that the writer, Fred van Lente, deserves to be , and I quote, "sodomized with a tree." No one who posts on that forum called him out on this.
The logic is baffling. What Box_in_the_Box is saying, and the people who did not call him ou on this are implicitly agreeing with, is "The writer disagreed with my interpretation of his story.. Therefore, he deserves to be brutalized in a horrifying degrading fashion in real life."
That's a horrible thing to say about another human being in any circumstance. There's a difference between a storyline direction you don't like and wishing ill on another human being. Would it kill comic book fans to actually have some perspective?

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