Thursday, September 10, 2009

Short Review: Don MacGregor's Sabre

So, I found a copy of Don Mac Gregor's independent comic Sabre at my local library. If my memory serves me right, it was a fairly popular independent comic in it's time. The comic is set in the future and chronicles the adventures of resistance fighter, Saber, as he batlles the standard evil dystopian government.
There are two things that are interesting about the series. One, it has art by Paul Gulacey better known to me as the guy who draws everyone with really long faces . I had no idea that he had been in the industry this long. In fact, I had no idea he did anything before last year's True Believers series for Marvel. The art in Sabre, may be less technically polished than his later work but at least the quirks of his particular are muted. (NOTE: This is not say Gulacy's work is bad. It is quite good but the way he draw's faces can be distracting.)
The second thing is the copious nudity-- I mean the dialogue. Yeah! The dialogue! The problem with Sabre is that the characters tend to give long-winded speeches. Every time someone opens their mouth, they say everything they are thinking. Motivation is not revealed through subtle storytelling techniques but by characters out right telling us.
This , by the way, is an indicator of the best way to read Sabre. Simply imagine William Shatner voicing every single character. Trust me! The comic is much more fun that way.

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