Friday, November 13, 2009

Film Reviews I Should've Done Last Month Part 1

In September, I managed to get down to Erie, Pennsylvania for the Eerie Horror Film Festival. I intended to write a review of the films I saw for the blog but instead I procrastinated.Finally, I realized that if I don't write it now, I never will. So without further ado, I present a guide to some of the movies I had the unique pleasure of seeing.
Tonight's review: STORAGE
The first movie I saw also had the unique honor of being the best. The premise revolves around a ordinary kid named Frances who is walking home from the movies with his father when they get mugged. Needless to say, Frances father gets stabbed. Naturally, Frances vows to fight crime as Batman. No. Sorry. He actually goes to work at his Uncle Larry's storage facility.
Things start going bad really quick. Francis stumbles upon one of the renters at the facility crying over a bloody dress. He becomes convinced that the renter has murdered his wife but no one will believe him. As the movie goes on, he finally manages to convince Larry and they go off to bring vigilante justice to the  renter.
Which is unfortunate because he's completely innocent.  On the other hand, Uncle Larry is completely off his gourd, murdering so-called criminals and hiding their corpses in barrels.  At this point, the movie changes from a straightforward suspense thriller to a deconstruction of revenge films, particularly the Death Wish films. This is the rare movie where the ends don't justify the means and violence is ultimately as dehumanizing to the perpetrator then it is to the victim. If you like you're suspense thrillers to make you think, I give Storage two thumbs up.

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