Thursday, January 2, 2014

Still More Thoughts on an Inconstant World

You know that building is nice when the toilets are so well constructed and designed, most of your time in the bathroom is spent wondering if you're allowed to use them.

Unsettling realization of the week: I was reading TV Tropes the other day and I came across a reference to the mostly-forgotten Marvel comic, The Saga of Chrystar, Chrystal Warrior. The entry discussed how in the comics, Chrystar's brother Moltar is turned from a lava-man back into a human by the evil wizard Zardeth. This means that he can never have any physical contact with Lavour, the lava-woman he loves. The unsettling part came when I though to myself "Huh! That's funny, I was just thinking about the same thing the other day."

Is it wrong that I want Godzookie to be the new American Godzilla movie?

Yes. Yes. It is. On so many levels.

Actually Godzilla had at least three kids in his many appearances. Which begs the question, if Godzilla is the last of his kind, who in God's name was the mother?  This becomes especially disturbing when you realize that the only plausible candidate is Mothra.

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