Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thoughts on an Inconstant World Pat 2

A person when comparing the virtues of cats as compared to dogs once told me "Dogs have owners, cate have servants." I always wondered why this was a selling point.

People who extol the virtues of independent comics forget that 90% of independent comics are terrible. That's not to say Marvel and DC Comics can be terrible but at lest there terrible in "that was an entertaining waste of time" way and not a "I paid good money for this" way. (Except for Marville.  Marville was just  a really bad no matter where it came from).

Actually, I love how the writer of Marville tried to defend the book with an excuse that basically amounted to: "While, I wasn't trying to win any popularity contests." Except for, you know, the actual popularity contest. You know, the one where the book with the most sales after six issues got to continue.  Which you lost to a book that didn't come out on time and a book that wound up getting cancelled the next year anyway.


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