Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Utterly Awesome News

I probably haven't mentioned it before but I'm a real big fan of comic book writer and novelist Peter David. So I was pleased that he was co-writing a book called "Year of the Black Rainbow", a prequel to the Armory Wars fantasy series.
To clarify why this is totalyl awsome, I must tell you about the Armory Series itrself. It is a series that boasts a complex narrative about -- Well , it involves aliens, the end of the universe, and a Godlike entity called the Writer who is implied to be the author of the story, visting misery on the protagonists in his work because his personal life sucks. As you can imagine the whole story is kind of --- complicated.
What make is all the more amazing is that the Armory Wars is not a series of novels. Instead, it is a series of conept albums by the band Coheed & Cambria telling an orginal epic fantsy story. The albums that tell the story include The Second Stage Turbine Blade, Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness, and The Three Happy Bunneys go to Smiletown. (One of those albums may exist only in my head).
The reason that this is so cool is that the band is really embracing the idea of a multi-media expereince. There story is told both in the albums and though side-projcts like the afforementioned novelization. It is a truly unique way to write a fantasy story for the twenty-first century. Add one of my favorite wristers to the mix and there's absolutely nothing about this that I don't love.

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